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Aircraft Listening

Thanks to visitors of Athena Info will be able to listen to live aircraft audio from throughout the country. Listed below are a few live audio streams from throughout the country. If the airport you are trying to listen to is not listed below please click the link above to go to LiveATC.


Atlanta Tower:

JFK Tower:

Chicago Tower:

Pittsburgh Tower:

Boston Tower:

San Fran Tower:

LAX Tower:

Tampa Tower:

Dallas/Ft Worth:

Philly Tower:

Denver Tower:

Live Fire/Police

Thanks to visitors will now be able to listen to live police and fire radio feeds throughout the country. This is is not a complete list of all feeds on the Broadcastify however it should get you started. If a feed is not listed that you may need, please follow the link above to find the feed you need. I am sorry for the feeds not being in some kind of order. They are listed in the order that they were found.

FDNY Dispatch

FDNY Citywide

FDNY EMS Citywide


NYPD Manhattan/Midtown, 17th Precincts (Times Square, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, UN)

NYPD Manhattan/1st,5th,7th Precincts

(WTC, China Town, Little Italy, SoHO, Tribeca, Lower East Side, Financial District)

NYPD Special OPS (ESU, K9, Bomb Squad EOD) *be aware these may be encrypted sometimes

Philly PD Citywide

Baltimore PD

Baltimore Fire

NCR (National Capital Region Interop)

Atlanta PD, Fire

Miami-Dade Fire Dispatch

Miami-Dade PD

City of Miami Fire

Tampa/St Pete Fire

Tampa/St Pete PD

Jacksonville Fire

Austin Fire

Austin PD

Dallas Fire Dispatch

Dallas Fire TAC Channels

Dallas PD 1

Dallas PD 2

Houston Fire

Houston PD

San Antonio Fire

San Antonio PD

Albuquerque Fire/PD/NM ST Patrol

Phoenix Fire

Phoenix PD

Las Vegas Fire

Las Vegas PD is encrypted.

North Las Vegas Fire/PD

Salt Lake City Fire/PD

Denver Fire/PD

Seattle Fire/PD

Portland Fire

Portland PD

Tri-Cities Fire/PD



San Fran Fire

San Fran PD

San Jose Fire

Boston Fire

Boston PD

Chicago Fire

Chicago PD

Cincinnati Fire

Cleveland PD

Cleveland Fire

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