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Welcome to Athena Info! The goal of this website is to inform people of current events and information to keep yourself and your family safe during these unstable times. All information posted on this site is my own thoughts on the world and does not in any way reflect the views of friends, family or employers of the site admin. The admin of this site are christian and have conservative viewpoints. Politically Libertarian and socially conservative. Fiercely against most taxes and steadfast for the right of personal defense no matter what type of weapon. The admin of this site has a background in public safety. The admin will also have guest contribute to this site. From Firefighter/Paramedics to Security Professionals this site is filled with diverse backgrounds. This website is a part time project so please understand if the site is not fully complete or up to date.


The admin of this site is committed to privacy and security. Any and all communications made between admin and visitors will take place over encrypted email on the side of the admin. It is encouraged that all visitors do the same. Analytics will be used by admin to inquire as to the number of visitors to the site, however after basic review no logs will ever be kept of analytics. NO LOGS WILL EVER BE KEPT OF EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS. Any attempts to monitor/hack this website or web hosting service will be met with defensive measures and or legal actions. Any media/links/downloads used in this website will more than likely be from other sources. NO CREDIT will be given to admin or contributors of this site that is not rightfully ours. The site has no intention of using any media or information with out credit being given. All links and info being used on this site will be posted with basic understanding of legalities and terms of use of the providers of the information or service. If a provider of any of these services or creators of any content request the service or info be removed please contact the site admin on the contact page and the service/information in question will be removed as fast as admin is able. The site admin/contributors would like all visitors to know that no profit is being made from any information or services listed. No link on this site is an affiliate link. That being said any and all links made to products will be based on best price found at the time of posting and on good faith by the site admin or contributors. Athena Info is not liable for any misuse of any product, service or information listed on this site. All info posted in this site is posted in good faith that the information is correct to best of admins abilities. 



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